Nessie Services browser based Job Management System Joma 2.0

Nessie Services proudly presents the executive Business Online Software Part 1:

Nessie Services Computerised Job Management Software Second Edition (Nessie Joma 2.0)

We from Nessie Services think green, we read from the screen:

For a quick, paperless work order processing with our customers we have developed our own Job Management Application Software,

an easy to handle, environmentally friendly, browser based application.

Customers can create an account to view open work orders or completed service reports, or to search for those.

Now that the 1st version has had its day, we offer our tested and expanded 2nd version of Nessie Joma 2.0

interested customers for a low monthly fee to try on. Nessie Joma 2.0 is suitable for all businesses.

Nessie Joma has more automated functions, can be used by small and medium businesses and is accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Brief description of Nessie Joma 2.0:

Nessie Joma 2.0 gives you real time information about all your work orders.

Forget complicated expensive IT systems, Nessie Joma is simple and straightforward.

Nessie Joma is a simple browser based solution that provides all the features required to easily manage your work orders and staff.

As a browser based system Nessie Joma can be securely accessed via the web.

Call us or contact us now, to get your customized version of Nessie Joma.

Job features:

current job overview anytime

email notification to office

automatic email to service persons

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Service Reports:

stored in databases, available anytime

automatic e-mail send to customers

for approval or rejection

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Administrator features:

add Clients

add Staff

set User Rights

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Personally features:

weekly dynamically generated timesheets

personal details editable

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